Pinions: sometimes is better safe than sorry

Pinion is a critical piece in most drums, therefore a special attention is needed. Pinion tooth has a defined shape, and it is important to look after and check periodically the same.

Over time pinion teeth tend to wear down and to loose their original thickness. They become pointed and loose their characteristic shape.

A pinion gear worn out can cause a brake of pinion teeth and as a result a brake in Crown Gear teeth and even of some Gearbox gears. In the image below is how your pinion tooth in good health should look like

  • Check periodically the state of the bronze pinion gears
  • Do not push to the limit the life of the same “to save some money”.
  • Replacing a pinion Gear at the right time can be very advantageous

If you have any doubt about your pinion, contact us 

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