Salt Shaker for desalting

Abating chlorides in waste liquid is a serious problem for any tannery. It is not enough just to reduce sodium chloride in pickel given that the salt is present in the raw skins in purposes of preserving them. A significant improvement can be obtained by removing salt from raw hides through mechanical processes. OLCINA offers a machine exclusively planned for this purpose, the Salt Shaker 316

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Desalting the easiest way

The hides discharged out of the Salt Shaker are unfolded, well stretched out, and can be collected into containers: then they are loaded in soaking / liming drums or continuosly transferred by means of a belt conveyors system.

Desalting automatically and separating solids

The salted hides ,still folded, are loaded on a feeder trough and then enter the rotating cage where, by means of colliding with the walls, the unfold, stretch, and lose salt and other impurities, such as excrements and mud, that are colected under the machine. A series of pegs, spiral placed, along the whole length of the cage, makes the hide go forward, towards the exit end. By modifying the inclination of the rotating cage by means of a hydraulic jack, the time of stay of hides inside, and by hence, the quantity of removed salt, can be controlled at will.

With the best constructive protection for your hides

The absence of corners in contact with hides is the best guarantee,against the possibility of mechanical damage.The usage of stainless steel (AISI 316) for the parts in contact with the hides makes the Salt Shaker corrosion proof.

CONSTRUCTING MATERIALS Salt Shaker 316 is a desalting drum consisting of a cylindrical rotating cage, a strong support frame and a motor group that sets the cage in rotation.

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29 September, 2014
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17 September, 2014

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