Cangilones Drum: main advantages on cost savings

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Cangilones Drum is a leather tanning system that provides countless advantages in all processes. Discover Cangilones Drum and the main advantages on cost savings. From Soaking to Finishing, more surface area, more quality product, more load and more uniformity in the product are achieved, allowing you to have cost savings: spend even less and earn more. Start saving with Cangilones Drum: more load and better product. Also, with Cangilones Drums you can add real flexibility to your production. And now, also, you can have a Cangilones Drum at a better price, know how

PPH Cangilones-Fässer to ean even more and spend even less on your tannery
Bolondo wooden Cangilones Drum ean even more and spend even less on your tannery
Stainless steel Cangilones Drums to ean even more and spend even less on your tannery

Cangilones Drum: Earn even more

CANGILONES DRUM: MORE LOAD: Up to 24,000 kg. in a single drum . Maximum reliability. Maximum efficiency in the process. Better distribution of chemical products, easier loading and unloading
CANGILONES DRUM: MORE SURFACE: Larger surface area output thanks to perfect skin swelling and complete elimination of tearing . Up to 3% more yield
CANGILONES DRUM: MORE CARE: More space available in the drum means better care of the grain. Clean skins and leathers.
CANGILONES DRUM: MORE QUALITY: Improve your leather classification thanks to a softer mechanical effect and greater penetration of chemicals Better flanks. No wrinkles
CANGILONES DRUM: MORE PERFORMANCE: The best return on investment. You can save up to 120,000 Euros per year in operating and water costs and other financial, commercial and production advantages that make the Cangilones Drum an unbeatable investment.

Cangilones Drum: Spend even less

CANGILONES DRUM: LESS MAINTENANCE: Less Drums, Less Automation and Control, less maintenance costs.
CANGILONES DRUM: LESS NOISE. Lower Noise Level below 40 dB, more safety in your work.
CANGILONES DRUM: LESS SPEED: Lower working speed which results in no tearing. No scuffing even when working with maximum load.
CANGILONES DRUM: LESS POWER: Less power in all processes with savings up to 70% compared to conventional drums and up to 50% compared to counterfeit Cangilones. Cangilones is a patented technology by OLCINA

Cangilones Drum: Add real flexibility to your production

Don’t be afraid of the size of the Cangilones drum, because flexibility is one of their main advantages and for that Cangilones Drum will enable you to make savings in all processes, whatever the load therefore any of the Cangilones drums will be able to produce from ⅓ of its capacity up to its maximum capacity, getting the same savings in all the wet processes. You will no longer have to fill the drum completely with water, even if the load is smaller, and you will save the same percentage of chemicals and dyes as if the drum were filled with leather.
The Cangilones production system will allow you to make savings in all processes, whatever the load so you can work with savings up to 80% of energy, up to 60% of water or up to 30% of chemicals. Ask us about the advantages and savings in any of the sizes indicated. With Cangilones Drum you earn even more and spend even less in any possible situation

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Main advantages • Cangilones for all wet processes: Advantages in each process • Advantages for your business • Constructive materials • Cangilones Technology • New Tanneries and Tannery Update • Cangilones in the worldCangilones for Lab and small batchesCangilones Soft Mill: for finishing

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