Cangilones Drum: Advantages and savings by process

Main advantagesCangilones for all wet processes: Advantages in each processAdvantages for your business Constructive materialsCangilones TechnologyNew Tanneries and Tannery UpdateCangilones in the worldCangilones for Lab and small batches Cangilones Soft Mill: for finishing

Making Cangilones Drum the core production system of your tannery will only bring you advantages and savings no matter what process you are working on, but in each process you get advantages that allow you more quality product and a more uniform product, with less production costs and more income, and never forget the maximum flexibility you can get in your production

Cangilones Drum in wood for soaking, liming and tanning with savings and advantages
Cangilones drum in PPH for all processes with all the advantages and savings
Cangilones Drum in stainless steel for all processes  with all the advantages and savings

Cangilones Drum: Advantages and savings in all processes

  • Power savings 70- 80%.
  • Water savings 50-60%.
  • Savings on chemicals 20%- 30%
  • Space savings of 50%.
  • More care with leather
  • Increased workload and greater work flexibility
  • Surface increase

Cangilones Drum: from Soaking to Tanning

  • Better grain quality
  • No residual hair
  • Controlled swelling of the skins
  • More consistent skin
  • No wrinkles
  • No veins
  • Firmness in the neck and sides
  • Higher surface yield
  • The Cangilones Drums® can be applied to both liming and tanning processes separately and also allow for continuous “one-shot” liming and tanning processes within the same drum, providing a quality of leather unimaginable until now in this type of process..

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Cangilones Drum: Retanning / Dyeing

  • Completely eliminates the tearing.
  • Ideal for treating fine and delicate skin
  • Optimization of the movement of the hides inside the drum
  • Better skin care
  • It allows large and small items with the same result and the same savings.

More about Cangilones

Main advantages • Cangilones for all wet processes: Advantages in each process • Advantages for your business • Constructive materials • Cangilones Technology • New Tanneries and Tannery Update • Cangilones in the worldCangilones for Lab and small batchesCangilones Soft Mill: for finishing

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