Cangilones Drums in all constructive materials: wood, pph, stainless steel

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The most common materials used for the construction of Cangilones Drums for the tannery are wood, pph and stainless steel. More important than the material itself, however, is how that material is treated and assembled. In OLCINA we pride ourselves in making our Cangilones Drums for tanning and all our machinery with the highest demands of reliability and sturdiness for the Tannery

Cangilones Drums made of bolondo wood with air seasoned timbers and perfectly assembled.
Cangilones Drums pph with sturdy structure
Cangilones Drums made of stainless steel AISI-316 L with perfect thermal insulation
Cangilones Drums made of bolondo wood with air seasoned timbers and perfectly assembled.

Wood Drums for the Tannery

Due to the characteristics and the treatment we give to our Bolondo Wood Cangilones Drums for the tannery, they have a proven high working life of between 45,000/50,000 hours (equivalent to 25/28 years of work).

  • Proper choice of timber
  • Seasoning method
  • Craftsmanship and fitting to perfection

Are the main factors that determine Drums & Paddles quality and life expectancy. OLCINA only uses BOLONDO wood

BOLONDO wood is extremely dense and hard and has the following excellent characteristics:

Dry Density0,9-1 Kg/dm3
Lateral strength345 Kg/cm2
Flex Resistance1,047 Kg/cm2
Compression Resistance843 Kg/cm2
Rigidity34 Kg/cm2
Resilience0,45 Kg.m/cm2

At OLCINA only, and exclusively, “BOLONDO” has the unique characteristics to make it ours. As important, even more, is the long period of “OPEN AIR” NATURAL SEASONING lasting several years our BOLONDO is subjected to.

This long NATURAL SEASONING process, which requires a substantial tied-up capital investment, has proved to be the only valid means of ensuring thorough seasoning of a timber destined to continuous exposure to water and chemical products. This quality issue is the only reason we at OLCINA keep an enormous stock of this Timber.

Once this long natural seasoning completed, our “BOLONDO” guarantees a long life expectancy, as well as:

  • Continuous and alternating “alkali/acid” processes – such as the case of straight-through Wet-Blue processing.
  • Alternating dark and light coloring after a thorough rinsing of the Drum.

This independence of means allows OLCINA to offer the highest quality on the market and to ensure a prompt after-sales service.

PPH Drums / Stainless Steel Drums for the Tannery

PPH – more resistant than others on the market, our PPH Cangilones Drums for the tannery always meet our commitment to quality and service. We guarantee a very resistant structure of the drum and perfect thermal isolation.

Stainless Steel – Constructed entirely of AISI-316L Stainless Steel our Stainless Steel Cangilones Drums for the tannery with a mirror finish and perfect thermal insulation fulfill the promise of quality and savings .

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Main advantages • Cangilones for all wet processes: Advantages in each process • Advantages for your business • Constructive materials • Cangilones Technology • New Tanneries and Tannery Update • Cangilones in the worldCangilones for Lab and small batchesCangilones Soft Mill: for finishing

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