Cangilones Drum: economic advantages in Financial, Commercial and Production areas

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When you invest in Drums you must have in mind a fact: each day you will process in your Drum the same value in money as the Drum has cost. When doing such an important investment, the price must be along with the reliability, the quality, the endurance and the confidence in the investment. OLCINA and Cangilones Drum © have all that included, also the economic advantages, in every solution we provide

Cangilones Drum PPH  get the economic benefits with a quick return on investment, better product and production benefits
 Cangilones Drum Bolondo wood get the economic benefits with a quick return on investment, better product and production benefits

What are the financial advantages of the Cangilones Drum?

From a financial point of view, Cangilones is quickly repaid thanks to the savings in production, from Soaking to Finishing. The savings of the Cangilones system, once in full operation, will allow you to pay back the investment in the drum

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What are the commercial advantages of the Cangilones Drum?

From a commercial point of view you have better access to the market and ahead of your competitors. You get a product with a better classification, more homogeneous and with more surface – fewer wrinkles, fewer veins and fewer tears – with perfect dyes and greater penetration of chemicals in all phases of tanning (Wet Blue / Wet White / Vegetal / Crust/ Dyeing) The better care of the leather in the whole process, thanks to the Cangilones Drum, can be seen in the final result.

What are the production advantages -apart from the savings- of the Cangilones Drum?

From a production & maintenance point of view, the Cangilones drum allows you to evolve to the Cangilones system of production at your own pace, adapting your formulas. As you will need fewer Drums that will mean less machinery to maintain and therefore, fewer breakages, less stock of critical spare parts needed and fewer risk of slow or stop in production. If you plan a reform or a new tannery construction it will allow you to gain space with less automation and/or electricity installation.

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Cangilones will allow you to work with skins & hides of different origin and achieve homogeneous results.
The flexibility, moreover, will allow you to face the production always with the same quality that your customers demand and with the same percentage of savings, whether you work with full drum or with smaller loads

The Cangilones © technology has been tested and works, with more than a thousand machines working in tanneries around the world. A system tested in the most important tanneries in the world that trust, day after day, in OLCINA. Since the launch of the first Cangilones drum, more than 1,200 have been installed. They have replaced more than 2,400 traditional drums of the same dimensions that would have been necessary to achieve the same level of production

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Main advantages • Cangilones for all wet processes: Advantages in each process • Advantages for your business • Constructive materials • Cangilones Technology • New Tanneries and Tannery Update • Cangilones in the worldCangilones for Lab and small batchesCangilones Soft Mill: for finishing

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