Discover Cangilones for Tanneries

Earn More. Spend Less . Know How

We invite you to discover Cangilones for tanneries. Since the launch of the first Cangilones Drum, more than 1,200 have been installed. They have replaced more than 2,400 traditional drums of the same size that would have been necessary to achieve the same level of production.

We are the first to understand that it is difficult to assimilate that a Drum can process 20 Tons. of salted leather, even mixing leathers of different sizes and provenances. We also understand that it is difficult to assimilate that, operating with baths as short as 25-35% in both fur and tanning, and a very important saving of chemical products, you could obtain better quality leathers with better surface performance. Even with a ridiculously low power consumption of only 16-18Kw per Drum.

However, it is so. The main tanneries of most countries have incorporated Cangilones. The main LWG producers, also many of the nominees and winners of Tannery of the Year

Discover Cangilones for your processes

More Saving, less spending and more consistency & quality in your product

Discover Cangilones because you can get, for example, in your Soaking, Hair and Tanning process:

Better quality and, an increase in leather surface area between 85,000-90,000 p2.

Get cut costs between € 195,000 200,000 ($ 180,000 185,000) broken down into:

  • 30,000 M3 of water
  • 20% less in chemical products
  • 80% less energy
  • 50% less labor
  • All this, annually, apart from many other advantages

    Discover Cangilones for the Tanneries also in the retanning and dyeing. Get more surface thanks to tear elimination. Recovers and dyes all types of skin, from the thickest to the thinnest. Get more penetration in colors.

    These advantages are proven and we have the pleasure of inviting you to our factory to discover Cangilones for the Tanneries and start spending less and earn more

    Find your Cangilones solution for every process

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