Drums and Paddles for all Processes

Get with our Drums & Paddles a more consistent production using Conventional process in an easier way, from the first day to the last

Are you looking for conventional drums and paddles for all processes? If so, OLCINA has the answer. We have built a great prestige as a reference of guarantee of good work in the international arena. That’s thanks to three versatile, reliable and strong brands, VULCAN, ECO-LOGIC and ECO-LOGIC / TURBO. In the field of paddles, the STATIC AND tipping OLCINA paddles can carry both automation and ECO-LOGIC system and that mark the difference, for its resistance and high performance, in the tanneries that use conventional drums

  • Again, if you work in separate processes or in one-shot continuous processes, our conventional VULCAN and ECO-LOGIC drums are suitable for soaking, liming and tanning processes. The continuous and daily changes “alkaline-acid” that are produced when processing continuously from the beginning of the liming until the end of Tanning, do not affect at all the BOLONDO wood of our drums.

    Our BOLONDO is of great resilience and resistance. Thanks to our natural air drying process, it acquires a high density and impermeability. In the same way and at the customer’s request, we can build both PPH and AISI-216 Stainless Steel with the same reliability, strength and durability. That goes also for the rest of our Drums.

  • Find the product that suits your needs

    For instance, if you are looking for your Retanning / Dyeing for

  • Fast dispersion of chemicals in the float
  • Superior penetration
  • “opening” effect on the skins, avoiding knotting and obtaining completely homogeneous dyes
  • Better and softer skin treatment
  • Complete and rapid exhaustion of the floats
  • Notable shortening of process times
  • Important savings of chemical products
  • Remarkable improvement of results on the skin:
  • Those are the advantages observed in our Eco-Logic / Turbo by our customers. therefore, they get Perfect dyes in the conventional process

    For the most traditional soaking, liming and tanning the Olcina paddles are a benchmark in the international market. Both types of paddles can be automated and can be equipped with our ECO-LOGIC recirculation system. If you are looking for space savings, functionality and ease of use in the process, automated tilting paddles with ECO-LOGIC system are, without a doubt, the best choice

    Whatever your need for conventional drums and paddles for all processes, OLCINA can give you the durable, reliable and adjusted solution to all your needs. See our range

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