Are you missing out on a great opportunity?

It is said that “a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty” (and no, it wasn’t Churchill * ) and we are so in agreement with the quote we have made available to our clients, and to those who are not, but who will surely want to be after this, not one, but two opportunities that, combined, produce a third unbeatable opportunity.

  • Opportunities Section: with the same quality as always -because our brand and our name are not on sale- we have made these Cangilones Drums as part of larger orders from our customers and we make them available to them by taking away the economies of scale obtained from having been mass produced.
  • Re-Now Plan: our machinery renewal plan offering a discount for your old Drums is applied for any of the products of our range + a conventional drum at least (for example: you want to renew a whole section, you will get a discount according to the plan conditions)
  • Opportunities + Re-Now Plan: Get an unbeatable discount with one of our machines in the opportunities section to which you have also added the Re-Now Plan discount

Opportunities like this are rare: to get the same quality for which Olcina is known all over the world at a clearly lower price. Choose the product from our range and you and your customers will be the winners. If you are in doubt about which product to choose, please contact us: we will be happy to point out the best opportunity for you

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*! Sometimes we think about things that are true and yet it turns out that they are not. For example, that Cangilones CANNOT help you in your tannery

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