Environment for the Tannery

Solutions for screening and filtering in the Tannery Salt Shaker 316: Removal of chloridesECO COMPAC: High filtering capacityClean Disc: easy filtering and easy maintenanceBelt Filter: Prepare floats for treatment

At OLCINA we believe that the best way to face challenges is to partner with the environment. Together with our range of Cangilones and their savings in water, electricity and chemicals, we offer the most complete answer to the ecological challenge of leaving a protected environment for the future. To achieve this important goal we offer a wide range of products ranging from the early stages of production to the specific tasks of handling and processing waste in the tannery.

The removal of solid residues from the tanning process at the beginning (soaking) and during the rest of the tanning process is essential for optimal wastewater treatment, as these processes produce a significant amount of wastewater, which is a mixture of water, chemicals and other waste materials. Effluents can contain high levels of contaminants, such as dissolved solids, chemicals and biological residues, which can be harmful to the environment if not properly treated.

Entsalzung von Häuten und Leder

The removal of chlorides in waste water is a problem for all tanneries. Before starting the soaking process OLCINA offers you a machine exclusively designed to remove surface salt from raw hides, the Salt Shaker 316. With the Salt Shaker you will obtain a significant improvement in the mechanical desalting of the hides. Removing salt before wet processes improves formulation accuracy and reduces pollution.

In the liming process, the filtering of hair allows a significant reduction of sulfide. Thanks to the ECO COMPAC filter, hair and suspended solids can be separated, pressed and compacted efficiently and in a short time. With a capacity of up to 2,000 l/min of filtration and 2,000 kg/h of solids separation. With the SC-500, a special model for Cangilones Drums, maximum filtration capacity is achieved.

Adapt to your filtering needs easily and keep filter maintenance under control with the versatile CLEAN DISC filtering solution for both small production soaking, liming and tanning as well as retanning and dyeing.

At the end of the wet processes and before the floats enter the treatment plant, a fine screening system cleans the wastewater of solid residues for better treatment in the plant’s treatment plant.

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