OLCINA Paddles:the best guarantee for the most traditional Soaking and Liming

Drums and Paddles for all processesAll processes : Vulcan – Eco LogicTraditional Soaking and Liming: Paddles Retanning and Dyeing: Eco Logic Turbo Conditioning: TurboMill Semi Industrial production and Lab: Alfa-LogicConstructive Materials Our Drums and Paddles in the world

OLCINA PADDLES enjoy a worldwide quality recognition such as the rest of our Products for the Tanning Industry. The Paddles of our manufacture may be of two distinct types: “Tipping” & “Free-Standing”, both with or without Hood

ECO-LOGIC” PADDLES. Our Paddles may be equipped with Recirculation and Filter to screen suspended solids from the float, Hair Saving, etc

AUTOMATED PADDLES. Likewise, both types may be equipped with our Automation Systems for Control and Management by Computer. l

TIPPING PADDLES.– They perform as conventional Paddles. Therefore their use applies to any type of hides or skins, PLUS

  • Loads are discharged independently, through Draining Ports, prior to unloading the leather. Floats may be easily and selectively collected for further treatment.
  • Avoids refloating to achieve complete unloading of the leather – reduced water input.
  • Leather unloading is “Dry”, Fast and Selective.“Dry”, because the leather slides off on its own – no refloating to aid in the discharge.
  • Fast and Selective, for the Paddle may tip to any angle allowing any given amount of leather to discharge.
  • “Hair on” hides also unload in a “dry”, fast and selective way. Together with their good Production Capacity / Price ratio, make of these the preferred equipment for Brining Operations and Immunization, i.e. at Abattoirs..
  • The Tipping Paddle is the solution, as well, to some space problems. They may be set side-by-side with practically no gap between them – less space requirements for a given installation. Loading and Unloading operations may be performed from the aisle.

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